Episode 62

Enrique Galindo: Collaborating and Leadership in Mathematics Education


April 20th, 2022

34 mins 24 secs

Season 3

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About this Episode

Learning to teach math teachers better with Dr. Enrique Galindo, president elect of AMTE, as he shares his advice and expertise in being a mathematics teacher educator, both in co-creating research projects, co-creating professional development with teachers, and assuming leadership roles in mathematics education.

Links from the episode
Project-Based Learning in Elementary Classrooms: Making Mathematics Come Alive By Jean S. Lee and Enrique Galindo

Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships: Making Mathematics Come Alive with Project-Based Learning By Jean S. Lee and Enrique Galindo

Amador, J. M. & Galindo, E. (2021). Mathematics field experience design: The role of teaching experiments and lesson study one year later during student teaching, The Teacher Educator, 56(2), 132-152.

Park Rogers, M., Carter, I., Amador, J., Galindo, E., & Akerson, V. (2020). Adapting a model of preservice teacher professional development for use in other contexts: Lessons learned and recommendations. Innovations in
Science Teacher Education, 5(1). Retrieved from https://innovations.theaste.org/adapting-a-model-of-preserviceteacher-professional-development-for-use-in-other-contexts-lessonslearned-and-recommendations/

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