Episode 93

Barbara King, Siddhi Desai, Justin Burris, and Sheila Orr: Equity Work to Create and Refine Avenues to Engage in the Improvement of Mathematics Teacher Education


May 8th, 2024

43 mins 54 secs

Season 5

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Learning to teach math teachers with Dr. Barbara King, Associate Professor of Teaching and Learning at Florida International University, Dr. Siddhi Desai, Assistant Professor at Fairleigh Dickinson University, Dr. Justin Burris, Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Houston, and Sheila Orr, a Doctoral Candidate in Curriculum, Instruction and Teacher Education at Michigan State University. They share their experience as mathematics teacher educators and share their work on the AMTE Equity Committee, which includes the Equity Book Club, how their study on AMTE Conference presentations led to changes in the proposal system and conference format, and finally, they share the importance of getting involved and helping others have their voices heard.

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