Episode 32

Niral Shah & Daniel Reinholz: Observing Participation and Recognizing Equity


October 28th, 2020

41 mins 45 secs

Season 1

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Learning to teach math teachers better with Niral Shah and Daniel Reinholz as we discuss their background in mathematics teacher education and their work with EQUIP, a customizable observation tool for tracking patterns in student participation, with the intent being to empower teachers in building more equitable classrooms.

EQUIP: An Equity-focused Classroom Observation Tool https://www.equip.ninja

Racial Noticing Framework in Shah, N. & Coles, J. (2020). Preparing teachers to notice race in classrooms: Contextualizing the competencies of pre-service teachers with anti-racist inclinations. Journal of Teacher Education.

Daniel Reinholz Homepage: Access pre-prints of his latest articles https://danielreinholz.com/